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Make New York the solar hub for the East Coast
June 14, 2013

Albany lawmakers are on the verge of passing solar legislation that promises to allow New Yorkers to lower their energy bills...
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Utility deal company has deceitful past
Times Union
June 6, 2013

This month, New York's Public Service Commission will decide whether to permit a Canadian holding company, Fortis Inc., to acquire Central Hudson, the electric utility serving 375,000 mid-Hudson homes and businesses.
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Solar Panels for Every Home
The New York Times
December 12, 2012

We don’t think much about pitch pine poles until storms like Hurricane Sandy litter our landscape with their splintered corpses and arcing power lines.
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Nation should follow Colorado's lead
The Denver Post
March 25, 2010

Colorado is now claiming national leadership in American's transition to a new energy economy. Gov. Bill Ritter has quietly built a strong coalition including Colorado's largest utility, Xcel Energy, to support the proposed Colorado Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act.
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Poverty and tyranny central to immoral practice of mountain destruction, water and air poisoning
The Hill
March 10, 2010

The Appalachian forest is the oldest and richest ecosystem north of the equator, having survived the Pleistocene ice era and provided the seed stock that reforested the continent. Appalachia has 80 species of trees and more biodiversity per cubic meter than anywhere on the continent.
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Hope in the Mountains
Washington Post
March 25, 2009

Yesterday was a great day for the people of Appalachia and for all of America. In a bold departure from Bush-era energy policy, the Obama administration suspended a coal company's permit
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  "Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s American Heroes: Robert Smalls: The Boat Thief"
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  "Crimes Against Nature" A powerful and far-reaching indictment of
George W. Bush’s White House
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    Moving Towards a New Energy-Focused Economy
Morning Joe | ›

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., president of the waterkeeper Alliance, explains how to acquire energy from cheaper outlets using solar capabilities or conservation techniques and shares his thoughts on the prospect of a nuclear solution as an alternative source. Kennedy and panel also talk about the importance of the U.S. government investing in new energy policies.

    May 20, 2013
Obama and Nixon: A Historical Perspective
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Jan. 11, 2012
We Need a Mercury Treaty
With Teeth

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May. 8, 2012
Petro Plutocracy
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Oct. 20, 2011
The Fracking Industry's War On The New York Times - And The Truth
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June 9, 2011
The March on Blair Mountain: A Protest to Protect Our Jobs and Our Mountains
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May 5, 2010
Sex, Lies and Oil Spills
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  May 10, 2013
How Big Oil Uses the Republican Party to Subvert American Democracy
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Dec 6, 2012
You Need to See This Movie
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Jan. 9, 2012
Mitt Romney's Test of Moral Fiber
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Nov. 25, 2011
Big Carbon's Sock Puppets Declare War on America and the Planet
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July 6, 2011
An Assault on Clean Water and Democracy
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Jan. 11, 2011
Tucson: Time for Another Examination of Conscience
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Feb. 10, 2012
Is Bobby Kennedy pursuing a
‘radical ideological agenda’?

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    Blankenship vs Kennedy on Coal
The Forum on the Future of Energy is a public forum that will include a conversation between Don Blankenship, chairman and CEO of Massey Energy, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., president of Waterkeeper Alliance and an environmentalist.

Part 1: Blankenship vs Kennedy on coal
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Part 3: Blankenship vs Kennedy on coal ›

Part 1: Kennedy's problem with coal.
Part 2: Kennedy on Obama, climate bill ›
Part 3: Kennedy on energy alternatives ›
    Waterkeeper Alliance, logo
Grassroots activism at its finest. Waterkeeper Alliance is an international advocacy organization founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to empower 137 local Waterkeeper programs who defend local waterways from polluters. Waterkeeper Alliance provides legal, scientific, and organizational resources to ensure effective and democratic vehicles for citizens to protect their most precious resource – water. Bobby is President of Waterkeeper Alliance.
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Riverkeeper, logo
Riverkeeper’s mission is to safeguard the ecological integrity of the Hudson River, its tributaries and the watershed of New York City (protecting the city's drinking water supply) by tracking down and stopping polluters. Since 1983, Riverkeeper has investigated and brought to justice more than 300 environmental lawbreakers. Bobby is Chief Prosecuting Attorney for Riverkeeper. learn more ›