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    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s American Heroes:
Robert Smalls: The Boat Thief     
Illustrator:   Patrick Faricy
Hyperion Books

On a moonlit night in the spring of 1862, six slaves stole one of the Confederacy's most crucial gunships from its wharf in the South Carolina port of Charleston, and delivered it to the Federal Navy. This audacious and intricately coordinated escape, masterminded by a 24-year-old sailor named Robert Smalls, astonished the world and exploded the Confederate claim that Southern slaves did not crave freedom or have the ability to take decisive action. Robert Smalls's heroic career had only begun. A brilliant sailor and strategist, he was quickly promoted to the rank of captain in the Federal Navy where he served courageously in many critical battles. Not only was Smalls a great soldier, he was also a powerful activist, whose appeal to Abraham Lincoln convinced the president to enlist 5,000 former slaves, shattering the color barrier that had kept black men out of the service. Smalls drew great crowds as an eloquent public speaker, and his outstanding character inspired the broad public support that encouraged Lincoln to ratify the Emancipation Proclamation.

Robert Smalls:  The Boat Thief  tells the story of another great American hero, a man who did not flinch in the face of extraordinary dangers--a man whose dedication to the cause of freedom made him one the most important participants in the American Civil War.  
  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s American Heroes:
The Story of Joshua Chamberlain and
the American Civil War    

Illustrator:   Nikita Andreev  
Hyperion Books

Musician, linguist, college professor, farmer, husband, and father -- Joshua Chamberlain was a Renaissance man, living a full and satisfying life in rural Maine when the Civil War broke out. Chamberlain’s passionate belief in keeping our young country together inspired him to join the Union Army. He quickly proved himself to be a brilliant strategist and great leader of men, who never hesitated to fight every battle on the front lines.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tells the fascinating and dramatic story of Chamberlain’s life, focusing on his extraordinary bravery and inspiring leadership during some of the most bloody and decisive battles of the Civil War.    
    Crimes Against Nature
How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy
Harper Collins

In this powerful and far-reaching indictment of George W. Bush’s White House, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the country’s most prominent environmental attorney, charges that this administration has taken corporate croyism to such unprecedented heights that it now threatens our health, our national security, and democracy as we know it.

St. Francis of Assisi
A Life of Joy
Hyperion Books

In his first book for children, lawyer and activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., retells the story of Saint Francis of Assisi--the patron saint the Kennedy family--whose life teaches a lesson and inspiration for children everywhere.


The Riverkeepers
Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right
Simon & Schuster
A modern-day David and Goliath tale, The Riverkeepers is an impassioned firsthand account by two advocates who have taken on powerful corporate and government polluters to win back the river they love. John Cronin and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., report from the frontline of environmental activism, the Hudson River Valley, to tell us how we too can fight and win by reclaiming a fundamental right that dates back to the Magna Carta - the right to defend and enjoy our invaluable natural resources.